Simply Real

Today I wanted to write about something near and dear to my heart that’s slightly off my beaten path. When I started this blog I had so many ideas of topics I wanted to cover and I realize I am still very new to this but I truly love writing and letting words be heard to whoever has an interest in reading them. I don’t know that this blog will ever have one true theme besides my thoughts-of-the-moment but I’m ok with that. To those of you reading this and nodding your head in understanding of my randomness…all I have to say that I truly thank you for appreciating me as I really am.

I want to take a moment to talk about how difficult it has become to be a real person in today’s increasingly fake society. As an adult trying to balance a career and family and circle of friends, I can say that I often get caught up in pretenses and forget to be real. That being said, I make a valiant effort to stay true to myself and have found that the more I do that, the simpler it becomes. Although it’s hard to be a mom, wife, daughter, co-worker, sister, friend, and every other role in my life, I have found it’s way simpler to be ME despite which role it is that I’m currently in. Having all those roles is certainly less overwhelming when, at the end of the day, I’m still myself.

How often do you pretend something was “no biggie” and shrug it off when it is a really big deal? When was the last time you gave a complete stranger a heartfelt compliment…or anyone for that matter? Is your attitude your own or one you have adapted from people around you? How long has it been since you shared a story at work or with friends that was 100% honest and you didn’t gloss over any unsavory details? How long do you spend debating on what outfit to wear depending on who you will see that day? Let’s be real here folks, we all could use some work towards being really real.

The internet was an honest to goodness life changing invention. It has brought about incredible communication improvements but it also has brought about incredible communication issues. Literally everything is at our fingertips now so we can be “in the know” on people’s lives, see their pictures, get updates when they have milestones, etc. But it also drives us all, in some subconscious way or another, to be constantly checking on things and comparing ourselves and every facet of our lives to others. It’s no wonder we have grown increasingly more fake when things are increasingly more transparent. It’s also not surprising that we forget to act like ourselves when it appears so much better to act like someone else…someone more successful, someone skinnier, someone who is the perfect mom or wife or kid.

My challenge to all of you is to recognize this in yourselves and in those people closest to you. Once you start realizing it and focusing on it, you will be prompted to do something about it. What are we gaining from being anything other than our true selves? Imagine how much happier you would be and how much less stress would be a part of your daily life if you became yourself..the real and honest you! No more constant judging of yourself and finding something lacking. No more worrying about what anyone else may think of you but, instead, improving your own thoughts of yourself.

Ok, ok I know this sounds like a cheesy self-help book at this point and I know this won’t be anywhere near my most popular post but it’s something I have enjoyed writing because it’s something on my mind often. Please please please show yourself some love and be true to who you are, regardless of who you are expected to be!

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