Simply Homemade: Crunch Wraps

Yes, I’m basing this post on a fast food delicacy. No, I don’t care because they are delicious and so easy to make at home! My household loves any version of a taco and this is high up on our list of favorite ways to make them. It combines the very best parts of a taco (soft burrito size tortilla, cheese, meat) and adds a crunch factor (tostada shell or Doritos if you’re more in favor of that). It also removes the frustrating part of a taco (difficult and messy to hold and eat) by having everything wrapped up on the inside. Talk about a winning combination!

There’s honestly no true recipe for this, just make taco meat like you regularly would and set aside. You will need a large flour tortilla and it will need to be softened so it bends without cracking. I would highly recommend a basic cheese sauce or even pre-made queso cheese. Lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, sliced/chopped jalapeños or black olives, and even refried beans are all additional options. The key is in the assembly of the ingredients! I know it’s exciting and you want to load up the tortilla with about 3 inches of toppings but try to show a little restraint! Add as many ingredients as you want but like, the more you add, the less of each you will want to use. Less is more? Say what??? Yes, you need to be able to fold the tortilla up and over all the toppings so you can cook it on each side. That means you should attempt to sparsely spread each of your desired ingredients.

The goal here is to fold the tortilla so that it covers the top as well as the bottom and you can cook just the outside of the tortilla. This will allow you to make a golden pocket of deliciousness with self-contained ingredients. If you play your cards right and spread out the inner ingredients then you can get a perfect bite every time with a little of everything. This might take some practice but, have no fear, even an imperfect or messy crunch wrap is still a delectable meal! See pictures below for clarification if you are unfamiliar with the infamous crunch wrap and how it works! Assemble with desired ingredients on top of tortilla, fold tortilla, cook (with folded tortilla side down first), flip, toast other side, serve! So simple and addicting 🙂

I love this recipe because you can make it with a handful of staple ingredients and it’s an easy (and oh-so-fun!) twist on a family favorite: tacos! I have some version of tacos on my meal plan at least every other week and like to change it up with variations like these crunchwraps. You can use leftover carnitas, steak, or chicken with a little taco seasoning and Mexican flavors just as easily as browned hamburger meat. Give these a try and your family will thank you later, I promise!

Cold stuff on bottom, crunch layer, warm stuff on top!
Fold it like the fitted sheet at laundry time..just kidding, fold a side at a time!
Can you hear the crunch from this first bite?!

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